The 2019 residential design trends you need to know about

At the beginning of every year experts weigh in on what we should be loving and what we should be tossing out in order to be on-trend 2019.

When it comes to global home trends, organising sensation Marie Kondo says we should bid farewell to anything that doesn’t spark joy, Pantone is declaring we need ‘Living Coral’ in our lives and Vogue is envisioning more concrete and terrazzo in our near future.

But what about at a local level? Is Hamptons so last year? Will greenery in the home continue to grow in popularity? And will Scandi styling endure another season?

We’ve consulted some experts to uncover what trends we’ll be seeing in the home this year and what we should leave in 2018.

Mid-century modern

While the coastal influences of the Hamptons isn’t going anywhere in 2019, it is a different city in the US we’ll be looking to for inspiration.

Popularised by the architecture of Palm Springs, mid-century modern is a style, much like Hamptons, that lends itself to Australia’s landscape and lifestyle.

The indoor-outdoor layout and the simple geometry of the design style lends itself perfectly to the beautiful surroundings and the laid-back lifestyle in Sydney. Architects are now getting more and more inquires about this type of style, now becoming more and more popular with their clients.

We love this style because: It makes great use of breezeblocks. From feature internal walls, to exterior fences, we love the interest and style it brings to the home.

At-home day spa

Need we really say more?

According to the experts at Reece, creating day-spa vibes in your bathroom encourages the body, and busy mind, to slow down after a long day.

A day spa represents relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. The warm and nourishing combination is predicted in response to the constantly-on digital technology and social media culture of family life.

Expect to see warmer pinks, such as the 2019 Pantone colour of the year Living Coral, or terracotta, paired with organic shapes in tapware or luxury baths.

Day-spa vibes in your bathroom encourages the body, and busy mind, to slow down after a long day.

We love this style because: we can all use an excuse to relax, and if introducing calming colours to the bathroom assists in the process, where can you go wrong?

A thoughtful home

We guarantee in the midst of new year resolution making many of us declared we’d practice mindfulness and be more conscious of the environment, or at the very least, we wouldn’t forget our reusable bags for grocery shopping.

Great news, if this is you, embracing nature and sustainability in the home is a trend we’ll see incorporated more into home design in 2019.

People nowadays are most exposed to environmental consciousness, with an increasing demand for sustainability, whether it be from a developer or the local shire. Plus the fact homeowners want to go home to a relaxed and fresh environment after a long day at work.

We’ll see this style incorporated through more feature greenery and sustainable design elements, as well as giving new life to old materials, from bricks to timber.

We love this style because: More indoor plants, as well as indoor feature gardens and courtyards.

Not so humble brick

The once humble brick experienced a buzz last year and took residential design by storm.

We saw it incorporated in new and innovative ways, from multi-dimensional use to create patterns and shapes to the introduction of glass bricks used in internal feature walls.

The experts at Brickworks say we will see bricks used to create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

In 2019 we won’t just see bricks showcased on walls, they’ll also be making a comeback underfoot in interior spaces that lead out to the back patio.

We love this style because: it feels like a throwback to the quintessential Aussie brick home we all know and love, plus it brings warmth into spaces with its natural tones and materiality.

Savvy design

Sydney blocks are getting smaller and narrower, so local designers and architects are needing to get savvier when creating a slimline floor plan that ticks all the boxes.

In 2019 we will see more multifunctional spaces to ensure each inch of space is maximised.

In residential space planning, this is when one room can be of dual use. For example, a wet area where the shower and freestanding bath are in the same enclosure or a room with a laundry on one side and scullery on the other.

This style is also seen through merging the old with the new, for example, keeping an original facade and interior elements, but building a contemporary extension to the back, or above.

We love this style because: savvy design means a more functional and personalised home and less rooms or spaces we never use. Do we really need that formal dining room?


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