Panania Schools


Panania Primary Schools:


Panania Public School
21 Lawler Street, Panania NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 9017

Panania Public School aims to achieve excellent outcomes for all students through: encouraging children to value education and take responsibility for their own learning; utilising natural learning processes to assist students to become active life long learners; developing skills and attitudes for students to be both effective individual and group workers; implementing fair discipline procedures and well developed pupil welfare programs to enhance self esteem; catering for individual differences; providing a strong language and literacy focus across all key learning areas; developing technology skills and application to learning; achieving outstanding sporting involvement and success across the school; and maintaining good communication with parents regarding all aspects of their child’s education.


Tower Street Public School
74 Tower St, Panania NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 6017

Tower Street Public School provides a supportive learning environment in which all children are encouraged to succeed. Staff members work together to provide children with opportunities for this development. This is particularly evident in the school’s commitment to the academic success of the children, and their achievements in Sport and the Performing Arts. The school was recognised for its pursuit of excellence with a staff member being honoured with a Minister’s Award. Recent evaluation of school processes indicate the parents highly value the school’s safe and secure environment, its assessment and reporting procedures and the fact that they feel welcome in the school. Other main areas of focus include The Learning Support Team, Literacy and Numeracy Groupings and Technology.


Panania North Public School
Bransgrove Rd, Panania NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 8394

Our mission is to prepare our students to become useful contributors to a changing society. Through the provision of quality teaching and learning, we will develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.’ The community identifies dance, public speaking, sport and fitness programs as unique features of the school’s curriculum. The local area is mostly of middle class standard whilst there are sections of Dept. of Housing accommodation. There are seven Aboriginal students in the school. A noticeable feature amongst the student population is the tolerance towards all ethnic groups that is supported and fostered by the school staff. The school site is spacious and has extensive grassed areas. Native gardens are being developed.