Milperra Schools


Milperra Primary Schools:

Milperra Public School
Pozieres Ave, Milperra NSW 2214
ph: (02) 9773 9463

Milperra Public School is a self-managing school within the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. Its Statement of Purpose “Children, teachers, parents and the community working together for our future” underpins the rationale of educational development of the school. Due to its unique history as a soldier settlement school for the children of returned servicemen, Milperra School is able to draw on a strong community commitment in both scholastic and sporting ventures. Arising from this unique and strong position, Milperra School aims to provide a stimulating, secure and pleasant environment where children are encouraged to develop to their full potential. The school has strong academic, sporting and cultural traditions.


Milperra High Schools:

Mount Saint Joseph Milperra
273 Horsley Road Milperra NSW 2214
ph: (02) 8724 6200

Our school was established in the spirit of Mary MacKillop, an Australian woman who, in the last century, was able to share her tremendous love for God and people through educating the young.

In her zeal for Catholic education, Mary began an order of Sisters who eventually set up schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her life was devoted to education, a task in which her love was alive: a love which brought warmth and a sense of reverence for persons, spoke of compassion and forgiveness, and showed that faith could provide purpose for the journey of life.  At Mount St Joseph that spirit of Mary MacKillop finds expression in the education of girls of all abilities from families who live in our region and seek a Christian education. Our students are at the stage of rapid intellectual, physical and emotional development of adolescence.  Within the controlled and disciplined environment of school they will be guided in their growth and development by teachers who are committed to the Christian vision for living.


Milperra Universities:

University of Western Sydney Milperra
Bullecourt Ave, Milperra NSW 2214