East Hills Schools


East Hills Primary Schools:

East Hills Public School
Lucas Rd, East Hills NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 8468

East Hills Public School is a small community school staffed by experienced and dedicated teachers who enjoy the full support and commitment of the parents and local community. The school promotes excellence for all students whilst meeting individual needs to develop happy confident students. With a balanced curriculum it provides opportunities for all students to achieve to the best of their ability. The District support class language (SCL) is situated at our school and we provide accommodation for a satellite autistic class. The students from these classes are fully integrated into the playground and in all aspects of the school’s K-6 policy.


East Hills High Schools:

East Hills Boys’ Technology High School
Lucas Rd, Panania NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 7806

Our school’s purpose is to develop caring responsible students who fulfill their potential and who: Are responsible for their own learning and have a lifetime love of learning; can think critically and analytically and who are skilled in problem solving; are confident and effective communicators; are tolerant of difference in all its forms; are motivated to strive for excellence; can work independently and in groups; and have values, skills and knowledge necessary for personal fulfilment and a positive contribution to society. We as a community, believe we share the responsibility for ensuring that our students are well educated, happy and responsible young Australians.  At East Hills Boys Technology High School we believe in a united approach in which students, parents, teachers and the community work to achieve the highest standard of education for every boy.


East Hills Girls’ Technology High School
Lucas Rd, Panania NSW 2213
ph: (02) 9773 9160

The school’s Mission and Statement of Purpose indicates that the school is committed to creating a stimulating, disciplined and purposeful learning environment that encourages students to pursue excellence in studies, sport and cultural activities. The school, students and parents have received many prestigious awards including the Director General’s Award for Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Achievements in Quality Education for girls. In 1999 the school underwent a Technology School Review to keep its name as a Technology High School. The outcome was highly successful and the report produced by the external panel is an excellent one indicating the commitment of the whole school community to “educating girls for a technological future”. The school’s report will be included in the “Outstanding Schools Program” book. The school believes in education as a partnership between students, parents and staff. It is the strength of this partnership that ensures that the best educational outcomes occur. The school also has a strong presence in its own community and enjoys strong community and business support.