February is the new January – our checklist to get your new year on track

What? It’s February already?


If you blinked and missed January and you’re still waiting to get into gear, here’s a checklist to motivate you into a fresh attitude and a flurry of activity.


We know what it’s like, the beginning of the year is always filled with promise – with resolutions, new leaves to turn over and things to action. In reality though…it can be a little overwhelming, particularly when the daily routine of life gets in the way.

Taking small steps towards your goal is the best approach. There are lots of things you can do each day to make yours an organised, clean and productive household

Read our tips for a little push to get you and your home into gear for the best 2018 you can have.

  1. Clear the decks

Make sure all the trappings and trimmings of the holidays are clean and packed away. Store things so they’re handy for a quick trip weekend to the beach as summer continues but ensure the disappearance of camping gear, Christmas gifts and packaging.

  1. Start fresh

If you haven’t already, invest in a family calendar or app to get you and your family synced with your activities. This encourages communication and gives everyone in the household a voice. Try to set aside a couple of nights each week where evening meals are held at the table – device free – to chat and plan the week ahead. Stick to these nights going forward.

  1. Clean as you go

With school and work underway now, you’ll have less time to a big clean. Cleaning as you go is now the best way to get on top of jobs like clearing out the fridge, mopping floors and reorganizing the pantry. Rather than shelving these jobs for a rainy day, do a little here and there as you notice the need – little bits add up.

  1. Invite friends over

Use the excuse of having friends over for a dinner party or gathering. It’s the best way to set a deadline for odd jobs you’ve been putting off and present your house at its best.

  1. Plan ahead

On Sundays (or whichever day works with your schedule), plan your weekly meals, snacks and lunches and do your meal prep..

  1. Rise and shine

Aim to go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night and set your alarm 15 minutes ahead of when you normally get up. Get straight out of bed without hitting snooze (one trick is to put your phone/alarm on the other side of your room) and start the day from the get-go. Use this time to include one task you’ve been putting off, or simply stave off a frantic morning rush.

  1. Enlist everyone’s help

Make sure everyone in the household knows your plans and then lead by example. Discuss jobs that need to be done with other members (including your kids!) and enlist their help and support.

  1. Catch up on weekday evenings

Rather than falling in a heap in front of the TV, use one or two nights a week to catch up on jobs that can free up time on your weekends, such as:

  • Ironing work clothes or uniforms
  • Preparing lunches ahead of time
  • Small cleaning jobs
  • Washing and folding clothes
  1. Adjust as you go

Take stock on the weekend and take a break. Keep a note on the fridge or calendar of the bigger jobs still outstanding and commit to ticking one off each weekend. This may take a few weeks, but you’ll look back in a month to find you’ve achieved so much!

  1. Relax

Block out a day every few weekends where you have no commitments. Resume holiday mode and take a picnic to the beach or local park with your kids, or stay home and potter in the garden. Pause and enjoy the results of your cumulative efforts.

The team at Professionals Padstow are always available to discuss any of your property queries, so please contact them so they can help you in any way. If you have any tips for getting your house back on track, please share your feedback over at I Love Padstow to Picnic Point Facebook page.

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