How do you know if a suburb is right for you?

It’s not just about finding the perfect home; it is also about finding the perfect suburb based on your and your families needs. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the perfect location, so we have highlighted some areas to consider helping you in your quest in finding the right suburb.

Family Friendly

Finding a family friendly property generally means a home with lots of space, outdoor area and close proximity to supermarkets and transport options.

If you have young children, kids in primary school or high school, the suburb you choose will need to have quality local schools, day care facilities, sporting clubs and great recreational areas and parks. You will need to check the school catchment areas to determine which zone your desired property falls under

Community Feel

Is a close-knit community important to you? If so, it is worthwhile reading the local newspapers and visiting the website for the local council for your chosen suburb to look into any events and community groups they have running including senior citizen groups, library programs, culture and arts programs.

Our local council is Bankstown and they have a great range of community initiatives listed on there website:

Visiting local shops, restaurants and cafes as well as speaking with locals will also give you a great sense for a suburb.

Future plans

Does the area you like have any planned development for shopping centres or new infrastructure including public transport and major road development? It is worth keeping in mind that a suburb can change greatly over five to ten years.

You can check the local newspaper as well as state and government websites for growth plans and development.

Urban hub or peaceful and quiet?

If you enjoy dining out frequently, visiting local cafes, shops and markets, you need to ensure your targeted suburb has a great range of options available for you to enjoy. Be sure to visit a few and get a feel for the style before you commit to an area.

Alternatively, do you value serenity and a quieter lifestyle? Ensure you visit your target area at various times during the week do determine noise and level of busyness and if it suits your needs. Also look into beautiful walks and parks in the area so you can benefit from the convenience of an urban area and the tranquillity of the surrounding areas including National parks.

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a suburb is to visit and spend time there at different times of the week. Visit the local shops, cafés and parks and speak to the locals to get a real understanding of the suburb.

The team at Professionals Padstow would love to hear your favourite suburbs within our area and why they are right for you. Please share your comments over at the I Love Padstow to Picnic Point Facebook page.

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