How can Commuting Options be Improved?

There was an interesting article and a number of comments on a recent article on the Bankstown Express Newspaper website that got us thinking about what the community thinks would be good, viable options for improving the commuting options for Padstow, Padstow Heights, Revesby, Revesby Heights, Milperra, Panania, East Hills and Picnic Point residents getting to and from the city in peak hour.

On the one hand we have the NSW State Government announcing a 20 year plan that would see extended train lines, more frequent services and an additional harbour crossing. The public seem sceptical that these plans will actually come to fruition given past promises that have not seen the light of day and the growing traffic and public transport issues for city commuters.

In another article published in The Torch in early June, it was announced that the NSW Government would pump $17.5 million of a $170 million infrastructure budget, into upgrading the commuter car park for the Padstow train station, adding 89 parking spots, passenger lifts and toilet facilities. We’re still waiting on the announcement from the State Government and Bankstown City Council confirming the plans, so we wait with bated breath.

The M5 duplication is also another topic of discussion amongst locals, with indications that we won’t know officially if the M5 duplication will actually proceed in favour of the M4 East or F3 to M2 links. With peak hours becoming more and more packed by the week, the wait will probably seem like a lifetime for some commuters.

We’d love to hear the thoughts of locals on what could be done to improve the peak hour commute to and from the city, whether it’s your preferred option for road infrastructure improvements, train or bus timetables and parking options. Tell us, and the broader communities what you think is realistic for the immediate and distant future? Have your say below!

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